Colourblock Wristwarmers

Just a quickie left-overs project…

20160711-colourblock gloves 011

Since I knitted my 3 colour cowl with left-over yarn from a jumper, I’ve become quite enamoured with the idea of knitting matching accessories. This time, I’ve rather smugly combined left over 4 ply from my Funchal Moebius and my fairly boring, but much worn, grey rib hat, to knit Purl Soho’s Colorblock Armwarmers.

20160711-colourblock gloves 002

And now I’m all set for winter with a set of complementary-but-not-too-matchy, hat, scarf and gloves! This was honestly the simplest wristwarmer pattern in the world. No shaping, no complicated thumb, and easily customisable. They only took me a few days to knit.

20160711-colourblock gloves 016

I made a couple of minor changes – I put 2 inches of 2×2 rib at the bottom, and 1 inch at the top, because I thought it would look better. I also knitted each glove entirely on 3mm needles (can’t be bothered to get a whole new set of needles just to knit a few rows of rib).

I made two attempts to stray from the pattern and knit a proper thumb using some hodge podge short-rows. It was an interesting experiment, but although my knitted thumbs were technically functional, they looked awful and had to go. In the end, four rows of plan old rib did the job just fine.

20160711-colourblock gloves 017

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the smallest, least considered projects can bring the most satisfaction? I bloody love these things, they tick all my completist, perfectionist boxes – useful (I really needed gloves!), resourceful (100% left-over yarn that needed using!) and pleasing to look at (there’s something very satisfying about colour blocking).

I’m already carrying them in my bag ‘just in case it gets cold’….


The Nine Month Knee-Highs

Those of you who stop by here regularly (ha!) may remember that I started some socks in January. I was hoping that trying toe-up socks might reignite my enthusiasm for sock knitting, which I usually find simultaneously boring and frustrating.

Red Socks 1

Nine months later, I can’t say I’m a changed woman, but I do have a really nice pair of knee-high socks!

The pattern was Purl Soho’s ‘Little Cable Knee Highs’, and was very straightforward. The only thing I really struggled with was the toe graft at the end, which I usually screw up anyway…

I knitted the first sock quite quickly, but was getting bored by the second one, and then got side tracked by other projects. I probably shouldn’t have chosen such incredibly long socks to get back in to sock knitting, but I love the tiny cable at the back, and the long turned down cuffs (even if they seemed to go one forever…)

Red Socks 2

I was a bit annoyed by the holes that appeared when I rejoined knitting in the round after knitting the heel flap. It usually happens when I knit top-down socks, because I leave too big a gap when picking up stitches along the heel flap. I’m not sure how it can be avoided when going toe up, any ideas?

Red Socks 3

The finished socks fit really well (I knitted the smaller size), which is miraculous given my twiggy legs. I knitted some elastic into the cuffs which will hopefully stop them from sagging. The yarn (Artesano Sock) softened up a lot after blocking, and only time will tell if it stands up to much wear.

I’m looking forward to wearing them with my winter boots!