Zen and the Three Colour Silk Cowl

I’ve felt pretty burned out in the last month, and didn’t feel up to the challenge of embarking on another big knitting project. Instead, I decided to give my brain a break with Joji Locatelli’s ‘3 Color Cashmere Cowl’ which seemed a perfect combination of easy but absorbing, and gave me an excuse to use up bits of my best left-over yarn.

3 colour cowl 2

I used Fyberspates Scrumptious 4-ply/sport (left over from my sister’s ‘Rivage‘ scarf) in ‘Oyster’ and ‘Water’ for the main two colours, and one treasured skein of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk in ‘Peridot’ (left over from my ‘Relax’ jumper) for the colour block section. The easy thing about using leftovers is that you can’t spend hours agonising over colour options!

Although both yarns have silk in them, they feel very different. The Fyberspates silk/merino is incredibly soft, and knits up really evenly, whereas the silk/alpaca is much hairier, and has more uneven stitch definition. I also couldn’t wet-block the finished cowl, because I know from bitter experience that the dye in the alpaca silk bleeds like crazy.

It was totally worth it for the colour though…

3 colour cowl 1

As expected, it was a lovely and very soothing pattern. The only section I didn’t like was the lace, which required more concentration than I was able to give (and there was much laughter at my knitting group when my eyelets refused to line up).

I wasn’t particularly enamoured with the ‘Oyster’ and the ‘Peridot’ together, but now that it’s finished, I think it works really well. There’s just enough contrast to make the blue and the green stand out, but not enough to scare my minimalist, pattern averse self.

3 colour cowl 4

I actually love this cowl more than I thought I would (it was more of a time-filling de-stress project, than a desperate desire to knit this particular pattern). It’s a great combination of luxury and practicality – probably the most expensive neckwear I’ve ever knitted, but long and close-fitting enough to be properly warm, and beautiful enough to be worth it.

I might even have enough yarn left over for matching arm warmers…


9 thoughts on “Zen and the Three Colour Silk Cowl

  1. Judi, its beautiful ! I also very much love the way you write about your knitting and the way you shine through your writing, so proud of you. By the way -for the casual reader-, I am the mum of this talented woman, and by nature very biased, but it’s got to be said… :)

  2. I admire this every time I see you wearing it and am constantly stunned by what you are able to do with a pair of knitting needles (or that loopy one) and some balls of wool, it’s amazing! I agree, you do write about it brilliantly. I’m not a knitter and I guess I’m also biased as a friend but I really do enjoy reading your blog despite my own utter ineptitude at knitting and lack of patience to learn and deal with unpicking scenarios! 😊

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