A Baby Cardigan + Exciting Job News

I’m still slowly plugging away at the baby knits project. I finally decided to knit a cardigan – Joji Locatelli’s Garter Stitch Baby Kimono – in Drops Baby Merino. It’s a really straightforward (and free!) pattern that’s easily customisable. I’m knitting it striped to keep things interesting, and will modify it to make it completely seamless.

Kimono wip 01

The colours I chose (light grey and lime) don’t actually contrast very well, (the darker shade of grey was sold out, darn!) which gives a slightly mottled effect. Sometimes I really like it, sometimes I don’t. I’ll reserve final judgement for when it’s finished.

I’d hoped to have it finished by now (I started knitting it over a month ago…) but I’ve been extra busy this month because the lovely people at Social Fabric in Totnes have offered me a job! I’ll be working in the shop, helping out with workshops, and hopefully doing some teaching in the near future.


After years of soul-searching and hum-drum employment, I can’t quite believe that I’ll get to work in a creative environment, doing something I love and am genuinely passionate about. Feels like I’m finally on the right track!


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